Ramsi’s Café on the World  and Raising Hope Organic Farm

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This is Feel Good Food, created especially for you when you want to eat the healthiest, most vibrant and clean foods available in this area!  All of the dishes are dairy-free, vegetarian, pescetarian, whole grain, gluten-free, seasonal, vegetable – centric and organic where possible.  Organic chicken and locally grown bison are also options on the menu.  We believe that super-healthy food is a choice you might be seeking on your journey to the best you possible!  Enjoy!

Pink Sahara Lentil Soup, $4.50 Pink lentils with Moroccan and Egyptian spice influences. Organic micro greens

Baby Dinosaur Salad, $5 or $8 Baby dinosaur (aka Tuscan) kale, green apples, blackberries, Medjool dates, raw pepitas, sesame seeds in garlicky lemon sesame vinaigrette.  Raw

Spinach Salad $5 or $8 Organic baby spinach, strawberries, apples and toasted almonds in Basil Balsamic vinaigrette. Mostly raw.

Raw Hope Salad, $5 Baby greens and spinach, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, red onions, radishes, bell peppers, cucumbers, with a light olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.  Mostly raw.

Café Siesta Nueva , $6.50 Organic baby spinach, sweet potato hash and pepitas in a sherry maple vinaigrette.

Bibb Salad, $9.75 Locally grown Bibb with fresh pears, candied walnuts, raw shaved red onions, in a light Riesling vinaigrette. Mostly raw.

Hibachi Salad, $5 Fresh romaine, raw carrots and radishes in a vegan puree of raw carrots and fresh ginger. Mostly raw.


The Spice Market  $10 Roasted carrots and fennel with lemon essence and toasted cumin. Moroccan millet (an ancient grain similar to couscous) pilaf with fragrant Moroccan spices and cilantro. Syrian tomato jam with Pomegranate molasses and cinnamon. Toasted almonds

Farm Egg Frittata $10 Farm raised eggs from the happy chickens at Raising Hope Organic Farm baked with leeks, greens, mushrooms. Leafy green salad in light vinaigrette

Faithful Falafel, $10 Baked, gluten free. Pakistani salad with sweet potatoes, tomatoes and cucumber in vegan yogurt with fresh mint sauce. Leafy green garnish

Quinoa Kiki, $8 A salad of white quinoa, aromatics, fresh herbs. Cuban black beans and roasted squashes/portobellos/red onions. Leafy green salad in light vinaigrette

Tuna Tartare $12 4 ounce sashimi grade tuna, fresh avocado, cilantro and lime. On a bed of organic baby spinach. Vegan creamy wasabi dressing

Shanghai Stir-fry $8 Garden vegetables including broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, snow peas, mushrooms and more. Over brown rice pilaf with your choice of mild black bean sauce or spicy chili garlic sauce.

East Indian Paella, $10 Julienned snow peas, carrots, red bell peppers, peas and broccoli in light curry sauce with Brown rice pilaf

Spicy Jamaican tofu, $10 Brown Rice Pilaf. Vegan cucumber tzatziki

Pan-seared Tuna $12 With hoisin glaze. Vietnamese braised organic winter greens. Sweet potato hash. Available instead with grilled tofu steak, $10

Protein Options:

Organic Chicken breast, skewered, pan-seared, 4 ounce, $7

Kentucky Bison, locally grown, low fat, hormone free, skewered and grilled, $5

Wild-caught salmon, grilled, $9


Fresh fruit skewers drizzled with Dark Chocolate sauce, $4.  Raw.

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