Raising Hope Organic Farm


Years ago we bought a beautiful piece of land in eastern Jefferson County with the thought that we might someday build a home there. Completely surrounded by trees, the property is serene. It’s a quiet escape from the energetic Highlands we love so much. There are wooded areas, a creek and a huge open field where dreams of a house and horses and all that go with country living were aroused.

From the beginning, we lovingly referred to the land as The Farm even though we weren’t raising any animals there or growing any crops.

But over the past few years, the thoughts of a FARM became a buzz in our ears. As it has for so many these days, the significance of growing our own organic produce became stronger. We were inspired to look at this beautiful piece of land in a different way. And so, the possibilities for Raising Hope Farm began to take shape.

With the encouragement and help of local university experts on Urban and Organic Farming, we set out to build for you, our customers, a farm that will supply Ramsi’s Café on the World with the majority of our produce and eggs throughout the year. We have recently obtained our USDA organic certification; making the farm the first of it’s kind in Jefferson County.

Raising Hope Organic Farm has a 10,000 square foot green house as well as several other smaller hoop houses for indoor growing, a newly planted orchard, a flourishing chicken operation for eggs and meat, a friendly herd of Alpine goats for house made goat cheese (in development) and fields for seasonal vegetable crops.

The farm is young and as it grows, so will the offerings of locally grown, certified organic dishes on our menu. Please join us on Facebook and keep up with our progress. Watch us grow!

Raising Hope Organic Farm. Hope means Healthy Organic Produce for Everyone. It’s also How Our People Evolve.

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