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Indulge your wanderlust! Our eclectic dining room is full of art and artifacts from our travels around the globe. It mirrors the diverse international flavors on the menu. Every detail was created to take you along on the journey. Casual by design, Ramsi’s Café on the World is an easy place to take an exotic trip. No passport required.

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 Ketjap Manis

Some sauces are so addictive, if you are too ashamed to eat them by spoon alone, you will tear up the kitchen for anything halfway legitimate to carry the sauce to your mouth. Imagine the desperate person who first dipped a potato chip into Nutella, if you will.

I think of our house created version of ketjap manis like that. We created it for the basis of our Vietnamese banh mi sauce and then paired it with some fried onion rings to offer up as an appetizer. Nothing really inventive about that. But we now believe we could have as well served it with fried grass, and it would have been a hit.

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