Welcome to  The World

Indulge your wanderlust! Our eclectic dining room is full of art and artifacts from our travels around the globe. It mirrors the diverse international flavors on the menu. Every detail was created to take you along on the journey. Casual by design, Ramsi’s Café on the World is an easy place to take an exotic trip. No passport required.

With love,

The Kamar Family

Now Farming……

We are committed to providing our customers with the option of certified organic and local food from our own Raising Hope Organic Farm.

Farming means that we literally hand pick your lettuce or tomatoes or okra….whatever is in season. Our mission is to provide yet another option to our customers amongst an expansive and diverse menu that has something for everyone. While not everything on our menu is from the farm (yet), we are moving in that direction. In the meantime, you will see more and more dishes featuring freshly picked, certified organic ingredients.

Learn more about the farm on this video,  courtesy of Kentucky Educational Television. Thanks KET!

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Ramsi's Cafe on the World

Raymond DeGraff

Gift from Byron Lee Cohen