Welcome to  The World

Indulge your wanderlust! Our eclectic dining room is full of art and artifacts from our travels around the globe. It mirrors the diverse international flavors on the menu. Every detail was created to take you along on the journey. Casual by design, Ramsi’s Café on the World is an easy place to take an exotic trip. No passport required.

With love,

The Kamar Family

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Since starting Raising hope Organic Farm in 2009, our connection with Mother Earth became such an integral part of our very existence. We need the time to further nurture that divine relationship, which ultimately would reflect better on every aspect of our lives, Ramsi’s Cafe included.

WE  WILL NOW BE OPEN AT 4 PM FOR SERVICE INSTEAD OF 11 AM. Those hours will be effective Mondays through Thursdays. We will continue to serve lunch at 11 am on Fridays. All other hours will remain the same.


We will still be available for catering during the weekdays.

With love,
The Kamar family

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Ramsi's Cafe on the World

Raymond DeGraff

Gift from Byron Lee Cohen